Eric Woods-Week Two

It is amazing how so many roadblocks can get in the way during the process if we choose to allow them to.  All kinds of things have come up this week that could have pulled me away from going forward but I have chosen not to allow them to.  It has become part of my daily routine in just a short period of time and I look forward to each step along the way.   

In the past I have tried various things and I was unable to follow through because of distractions, but with this process I have chosen to ignore the distractions and move forward.  The distractions are not worth the sacrifice the change that is coming.  This is a phenomenal process that is changing me my excitement about it is overwhelming.  Each week I can’t wait for the next bit of this experience.


Eric Woods-Week One-Habits

Wow, I can’t believe how many habits that I had in place that hinder me from accomplishing my daily tasks.  In this first week of the master key experience, I realized that I lacked self discipline.  It has been a great way for me to really establish a routine, and effectively get through my week in a more focused and productive manner.

This week I have had a minor amount of things to do with the experience but it has been a very definite learning curve.  It is a  different way of thinking, and the experience has been a  refreshing way to challenge myself in a new format.  I did face some reluctancy from the old blueprint, but as I continue to push past that I get less and less resistance to change!

Through this process I am learning excellent new habits that are helping me transform my way of thinking, speaking, and acting.  I know it has only been a few days, but as I go about my day, in addition to my new habits of reading and reviewing the materials, I’ve found that these new habits are seeping into all areas of my life.  I find myself selecting more specific words when I speak, whether it be to others or internally.

Another great thing is, I desire to do this work because it is enriching my day.  It has become an expectation to read the scrolls, think upon them, and sit silently.  I found that sometimes I keep moving and moving and I am not aware of anything I am really doing.  It is as if I am on autopilot, but this process has made me become more aware of what is going on.  Each day I am more present in everything I do, and this awareness is building in all areas of my life, and I am waiting with expectation as my transformation is just beginning!

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